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Cleaning Process
Some Myths and facts….
There are numerous misconceptions related with ultrasonic cleaning processes, they include: -

Ø The louder the cleaner the better
Poor insulation or a low frequency system maybe the main cause of loudness.

Ø The quiter the cleaner the better
Higher frequency operation and good insulation may lead to quitness.

Ø Visual observation or ultrasonic power meter, the best option
They are the perfect means of judging a cleaner

Factors in Cavitation
The numerous factors that are responsible for cavitation are as follows: -
Frequency - higher the frequency the faster the cavitation and vice-versa.

Physical properties of cleaning agent - these include attributes like: -
· Viscosity
· Vapor pressure
· Temperature
· Density

The ultrasonic cleaning process
Ultrasonic cleaning mechanism is a an effect created by the action of sound waves at high frequency, introduced into liquid cleaning medium. The process consists of four major components like: -
· Transducer
· Generator
· Tank
· Cleaning solution

Aqueous Cleaning
This cleaning uses water as its main solvent and has synthetic detergents and surfacants combined with special addictives such as builders, pH buffers, inhibitors, saponifiers etc.. It utilizes the synergetic effects and offers multiple degrees of freedom in concentration and blending. Its key stages include: -
· Washing
· Rinsing
· Drying
· Wastewater disposal

The merits and Demerits
Aqueous cleaning system has several advantages over organic solvent cleaning.
· Safety
· Cleaning
· Inorganic or polar soils
· Oil and grease removal
· Multiple cleaning mechanism
· Ultrasonics applicability
· Chemical cost

Depending upon the specific cleaning application, however, there are also some disadvantages.

· Cleaning difficulty
· Rising
· Floor space
· Drying
· Material compatibility
· Water
· Energy consumption
Wastewater disposal - in some instances , the use of aqueous cleaning may require wastewater treatment prior to discharge.
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Cleaning Process
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